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Nikole Miller is an award winning novelist and 2019 recipient of the Redhawk Crescent Indie Awards. She is a best selling author who writes hard hitting, inspirational fiction. She develops fictional characters to illustrate life's greatest struggles and highest joys. She has written 5 novels each well received as seen by the accolades below. These stories will touch your heart and give you hope.

Nikole is an advocate for self-love and honoring your God-given gift. Being no stranger to the struggle of self-doubt, distractions, and adversity, Nikole has devoted herself to speaking life into the dreams of others. Her Live Your Dream Tour is an eye-opening, life-changing experience; filled with motivational tools that will help you overcome fear, procrastination, and doubt. You too, can begin the live your dream. Nikole is now available for booking for your next conference, workshop, or leadership training event.

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